Remote Learning

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Our Vision

Our children will receive lessons that are of the same high standard as if they were in school. All children will be able to access these lessons and will continue to make progress through our remote learning offer.

Our school family told us that they needed:

  • simple instructions of how to access online learning
  • help with devices
  • short bursts of online learning
  • regular contact with teachers
  • clear timetable for children
  • clear expectations for children

Our Blended Approach

  • Remote education is a term that encompasses any learning that happens outside of the classroom with the teacher not present in the same location as the pupils.
  • We believe blended learning is a mix of face to face and remote methods of teaching and learning incorporating a synchronous (live) and asynchronous (material is prepared by the teacher and accessed by the pupil at a later date) approach.
  • We believe that the effectiveness of remote teaching is determined by the same factors as determine the effectiveness of live classroom teaching. These include:
  • ensuring pupils receive clear explanations
  • supporting growth in confidence with new material through scaffolded practice
  • application of new knowledge or skills
  • enabling pupils to receive feedback on how to progress   (EEF Guidance)

Safeguarding remains a top priority at all times. We aim to ensure that all tasks and activities that the pupils undertake during periods of remote learning are safe. Pupils are expected to carefully follow the instructions of their teacher during live lessons.

Cross Curricular Remote Learning Resources

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Letters to Parents

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