At St Chad's we have a 'Mini-Vinnies' group. This is a group who look to 'turn concern into action'. 

The Mini-Vinnies work in our school community as a smaller version of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society to make the place we live a better place for everyone. 

Our small group, of which anyone can volunteer to be part of, work hard to arrange and organise a range of activities to support everyone in our community: 

  • making links with our local care home and parish, 
  • singing Christmas carols in the community and sending Christmas and Easter cards to our local community and parishioners 
  • leading an assembly at Fairtrade coffee mornings
  • organising the children in the school to collect effectively for the local food bank
  • planning, resourcing and leading Lenten activities for the whole school

...and a range of other activities too. 

We have formed an inter-school council to learn about how our positive actions can help others.  We work closely with another school, Blessed John Duckett in Tow Law where we will plan and lead our schools in taking care of our local environment; we will visit a foodbank and help prepare and distribute food; build ecumenical links with non-Catholic Christian partners and so much more.  

Our Mini-Vinnies work hard to make the world and community we live in a better place.